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Services - HUMS Analysis, Support and Management

HeliVibe vibration analysis and RTB analysis experience gained over many years across many different helicopter types operating both civil and military missions, onshore and offshore has put us in the perfect position to make your HUMS Programme as simple as it can be for you, whilst at the same time providing you with the benefit of all our analysis experience.


In short, HeliVibe will be your HUMS Manager. Our objective is to take the stress out of setting up and running your own HUMS programme.

HeliVibe can provide the following HUMS services:

  • Advice on how to implement HUMS Best Practice to meet OGP and HeliOffshore guidelines.
  • Authoring of HUMS procedures and documentation to ensure your company is compliant with HBP.
  • Aircraft vibration analysis, HUMS analysis and rotor track and balance training.
  • Managed HUMS analysis services. You own the system and the data but we manage it for you. More often than not, this will be more cost effective than hosting your own programme.
  • Consistent data analysis by the same personnel. No need to worry about having different individuals on different shift patterns.
  • Early warning of maintenance issues.
  • HeliVibe will trend and analyse your data for you.
  • HeliVibe will provide your nominated HUMS liaison officer with monthly reports based on assessed data trends.
  • HeliVibe will notify you, and recommend maintenance actions. When the trended data analysis from any component changes appreciably within 24 hours of receipt of your data.
  • HeliVibe will maintain a close liaison with you at all times, it will be like having your own HUMS Manager on site without the expense of running your own programme.
  • HeliVibe can advise you on how to organise the HUMS structure in your organisation to meet audit requirements.


What does it cost?

All training and support costs are tailored to deliver a customised service designed to meet your specific requirements. Whatever you pay, it will more often than not, be more efficient than running your own HUMS program. You will benefit from a spectrum of HUMS experience acquired over many years on numerous aircraft types of differing complexities operating in numerous countries.


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