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Training - HUMS, RTB, Vibration Analysis

Regardless of whether HeliVibe is providing your HUMS support or not, it is essential your engineers have a least a basic understanding of vibration analysis and rotor track and balance. Introductory courses are aimed at engineers who are about to embark on their career in aviation, with the aim of providing a sound knowledge of the basics of vibration and its associated characteristics. Whether you are a new or experienced engineer, manager or pilot, all levels of training can be provided in an easy-to-follow informative manner.


HeliVibe Training Courses are open to all engineers, managers and pilots. Courses are specifically designed towards the solution of practical everyday problem situations that may be encountered by the aircraft maintenance engineer when performing vibration analysis and RTB.


All courses are carried out on-site at the customers location, ensuring the most cost effective training available. 


Specially tailored courses can be organised to suit the customers’ needs to meet their operational requirements. Please address your specific requirements using the contact form.


Introductory Courses

Auditor Courses


AW139, AW169, AW189 Heliwise



Advanced TVM Analysis

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