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Introductory Training - The Basics of Vibration Analysis and RTB

With the ever-increasing number of digital vibration analysers and rotor track and balance equipment, the basics of vibration analysis and RTB is being overlooked. The use of modern VA and RTB equipment clearly is huge step forward compared to, for example, the days of flag tracking. However, what happens when it does not work? What happens when the aircraft has not reacted as expected to the adjustments? This is where the basics are essential. Understanding the primary and secondary effects of RTB adjustments is an important step in performing accurate rotor track and balance and achieving results that will have a long-term benefit.

HeliVibe offers a suite of introductory courses aimed at engineers and pilots with little or no knowledge of VA, HUMS and RTB, with the aim of instilling the necessary knowledge to enable them to overcome problems when they arise. Regardless of the HUMS system or type of carry on board RTB equipment in use, the basic principles instructed will provide a grounding that can be applied to all systems.

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