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S76/S92 SGBA HUMS Training

The SGBA HUMS training courses are designed to be modular so the operator can choose from the range of courses provided to suit the engineering requirements. The suite of courses can be tailored to meet any operators’ needs by combining any number of courses.

Using HeliVibe's extensive experience with SGBA the courses cover all aspects of the system. As well as instruction on the correct use and procedures, the courses also cover the common mistakes and problems encountered by engineers. This approach not only enables engineers to operate the system so they get the maximum benefit from its features, but also what to do when something goes wrong.

From the basic DTD download through to the advanced TVM analysis, the courses provide all the information required for an engineer to become a successful and experienced operator of the system.


In addition, the analysis of TVM data includes how, when and why to contact the OEM for further assistance, thus ensuring any enquiries to the OEM contain the information required in order for them to provide accurate assistance.

Please use the contact form for further inofrmation.

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