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What We Do

HeliVibe has extensive experience in RTB and Vibration monitoring on many different aircraft types, enabling HeliVibe  to offer courses and HUMS Support to suit the customers’ needs, be it from basic vibration instruction to on-aircraft specific requirements.


Optimise your investment in your engineers with a HeliVibe  Training Course. HeliVibe offers a comprehensive suite of courses ranging from basic vibration to advanced transmission vibration analysis for the more experienced engineer.


HeliVibe  training has been specifically designed to supplement OEM type HUMS courses and are not intended to replace OEM HUMS training, but to compliment these courses to enhance the operators’ knowledge and ensure the system is used effectively. OEM courses, though extremely valuable, are specific to aircraft type and more often than not focus on use of the Ground Station. Generally OEM courses offer limited vibration analysis or organisational training modules and do not cover the essential basics of VA and RTB that are necessary to become a competent HUMS analyst.

Whether it is high quality training or dedicated HUMS support of your aircraft, HeliVibe  can provide a solution to suit your needs. With a team whose experience in the rotary wing world spans over 40 years, HeliVibe  is able to deliver training in vibration analysis, RTB and HUMS as well as support ranging from simple analysis up to managing your vibration data, providing daily analysis and exceedance reporting and monthly complete HUMS data analysis trend reports.





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