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"HeliVibe conducted an excellent and well structured course. The complex understanding of the HUM’s system was taught in a very clear and concise manner and level of instruction was to a very high standard. Any helicopter company that uses Helivibe for Hums training will be confident in the knowledge that their engineers are trained by the very best in the business."


“Instructors knowledge and experience is second to none! Fantastic course, well presented and explained. Provided invaluable knowledge which we have been lacking. Would be great if we could get continued support from Helivibe in the future. Absolutely brilliant!”


"What a fantastic course and you guys are the forefront of Helicopter Safety. Keep up the great work!"


“The information on the course is in depth and concise, but explained well and easily understandable. It gives you a better understanding of the system and its uses and enables you to know more about what you are looking at.”


“A very informative and well run course, a must for initial and continuation training.”


“Normally students on a course ask a lot of questions. This one was the other way round. Got us thinking and drove the points home. Excellent info.”


“Andy takes a complicated subject and teaches it in a clear, concise manner.”


“Excellent training course from an instructor who very clearly has a strong theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject.”


“Excellent course, extremely valuable. Great Presentation.”


"When the class started, I knew very little about HUMS. Now, I am confident with the system and feel that I can Track and balance the aircraft, and do the uploads and downloads. The information you handed out was on target with the presentation."


"Andy is an excellent instructor who knows the system he instructs very well and is evident he has a vast amount of experience."


"In the past I have attended several HUM System courses and it is refreshing to attend a course where the instructor actually understands the system in depth. SO many courses I have attended in the past have an instructor that can ONLY follow a lesson plan and when asked questions just does not have the answer."


"HUMS is a very boring subject to many engineers, I find in the field you have to stimulate the students right from the get go in the class, this is a trait Andy has and does exceedingly well. It is refreshing to take a course from a knowledgeable instructor."

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